We only use the most trusted FX Brokers in the world.

Protection of Funds

The brokers we work with implement a Funds segregation system, which means your Funds are always kept in a segregated Bank account.

We handpicked our Brokers

We chose the brokers that we work with very carefully, insuring they are fully regulated and Licensed with the world’s top Financial regulators.

Easy Access to your Funds

You are able to withdraw your Funds at the end of each month if you choose to, without any restrictions.

Competitive Spreads

We ensure that the brokers we work with have a competitive edge with their low Spreads and low Commision charges and high leverage availability.

Our recommended FX Brokers

Make your Money work for you

Open trading account in your own name at one of the regulated partner brokers, and select which program you would like to join.
Get approved from the broker, after that you wil lbe able to transfer your fund and start. All the funds are protected and segregated. Under the biggest regulation authorities.
You will recieve direct live acces to your account 24/7 (investor profile) so you can monitor the fund manager and see your daily report.

Our Performance


Our managed account program offers up to 25% monthly return with full transparency as your money is in your account and you set your risk level
Join our managed account program now and make your money work for you

Pipvalue offers diverse investment programs via (MAM Accounts), allowing investors to select a program which aligns with their investment objectives and risk appetite. Pipvalue consists of a team of professionals that have been working in the forex field since 1998, offering our clients an impressive Managed Account Services as well as Trading Signals.

Our Mission is to empower and educate our clients about the financial services industry by operating within the boundaries of our values and creating an ideal financially inclusive ecosystem, and our vision is to be the most reliable and trusted wealth management firm in the world by providing our clients with the highest support and consistent returns.

The MAM Account

What is a MAM Account?

A managed Forex Account is an account opened with a regulated broker, where the trading is taken care of by a professional asset manager. However, the account holder will be the investor himself and the right to add and withdraw funds remain with him. In order to trade the account, the investor gives a Limited Power of Attorney to the asset manager.

Take your First Steps to allocating your Funds to be managed by
Professionals today!

Open an account with one of our preferred brokers and allocate your funds to be managed by Professional with over 20 years in the financial industry with consistent monthly returns!
Quick Deposits & Withdrawals

Quick Deposits & Withdrawals

The brokers we work with provide dozens of quick options for depositing and withdrawing your funds such as VISA, MasterCard, Bank Wire transfer, etc.
Consistent Monthly returns of 25% or more per a month

Consistent Monthly returns of 25% or more per a month

The trading techniques we’ve developed over the years has allowed to have a consistent monthly return, with very stringent Risk Management techniques applied at all times.
Fully Transparent performance

Fully Transparent performance

We provide a fully transparent access to your Managed Account, by allowing you to have Live access to our latest performance 24/7.

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