How long has pipvalue been in business and trading?

We have been trading Spot Forex since 2008


Who are our traders?

Each of our traders are experts with over 10 years’ experience in the Forex market and highly qualified.


How much money do I need to open managed Forex account?

The minimum opening account balance with us is preferred at $50,000 or higher.


How safe is your trading?

We have strict trading and money management policies, we ensure that the maximum risk per trade is 2%. However we cannot quantify the expected profits exactly as each profit can vary per trade can vary and can be over 10% at times. We therefore ensure that we maintain a reward to risk ratio of at least 3:1.


What are the trading fees for managed accounts?

Pipvalue is one of the only few companies that offer Forex managed account services that do not charge a management fee. We do not charge a management fee because we are not interested in making money, therefore it’s in our client’s interests to only charge a performance fee.


How much is your performance fee?

While most money management companies charge a management fee and performance Fee of 50% we charge no management fee with performance fees varying between 20% and 35% depending on the initial deposit on the accounts.


How do I fund my account?

When your application is approved by the broker you choose to open an account with, the customer will receive the funding instructions. The Bank wire Transfers and credit/debit cards can be used to fund your account with the broker. Once your account is funded we will then begin trading on it on your behalf.


What is LPOA Limited power of attorney?

It is a Form that must be signed by all clients when appointing a money manager to trade their managed account. It is a legal document that gives limited power over a designated account that begins and ends with executing trades for the client.


Can I withdraw funds at anytime?

When there are no open positions in your trading account or the clients have enough funds to cover the open positions, you will be able to withdraw your funds. When the withdrawal request form is received by your broker, a wire request is then sent out within 2-3 business days of your request.


How Can I cancel the limited power of attorney on my account?

By emailing your broker directly and once they are notified they will cancel the limited power of attorney and will change the Passwords on the trading account and we will no longer be able to access or trade on your account.


Can I hire the trader directly?

Not at this time as there is no way to control the trading results or the agreements between the customer and trader. By working directly with our company you can be rest assured that the trading program will be followed implicitly.


What is the maximum lost that can happen in an account?

Pipvalue is one of the few asset management companies, if not the only management company that allow our clients to choose their desired level of capital preservation. The level of capital preservation that you choose sets the maximum loss that your account can incur.


Can I access my account anytime?

All clients that have setup Forex account with trading broker will have their own trading platform that will show real time investment performance and trades provided you have access to internet connection.

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