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Dealing is critical to any brokerages from business operation point of view. If IT services make the backbone of a company then Dealing represents the blood that keep the entire organization vivid. We provide professional dealing services to brokerages on a temporary or on a long-term contract.

IT Services

We have an expertise in IT solutions once we use it day by day and it gives the backbone of our operation. We understand how critical it is to have all IT tools being constantly available and operational without any exception. Therefore, we also provide CRM, Email, VPS, Encrypting, Back-up, Storage and some other solutions as well to our clients.

Flow Optimization

In case you have a constant or periodically recurring flow unbalance in some instruments, we may help you to balance it. Also, we can analyze a certain flow and submit our case study with recommended points of change.

Statistical Arbitrage

We have made a long way in developing different short-term financial strategies that employ mean reversion models (and other concepts supported by mathematical modelling techniques) involving well diversified portfolios of securities held.

Cryptocurrencies Strategy

Undoubtedly a new financial era begun with the appearance of crypto currencies. We launched our strategy for cryptos that proved to be successful and thanks to continuous development, we opened new horizons in this segment as well.

Trade Copier

We developed our own trade copier using a unique concept that enhances the performance and executions during our trading activity.

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